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Dr. Eric M. Rodriguez
HRPP Coordinator
Office: Namm 625


About the Human Research Protection Program / IRB


Research investigators and their institutions have a fundamental responsibility to safeguard the rights and welfare of people participating in their research activities. All review of research activities involving human subjects is performed by the IRB, a federally regulated committee whose members are not involved in the conduct of the research. The purpose of the IRB rises above performing a legalistic function in the protection of human subjects, by serving as a forum for the development and understanding of the ethical guidelines governing human subjects research. Ultimately, in this effort, the research investigator’s relationship with the HRPP office and the IRB forms the bedrock of the human subjects protection program.

The IRB reviews and has the authority to approve, require modification in, or disapprove any research activity, including previously approved research that is currently undergoing new modifications. The research protocol and the informed consent document are the interface of communication for ethical research practices between the IRB and the researcher.

What is an IRB?

An Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a committee of scientists, nonscientists, and community members who review proposed research involving human participants to protect their rights and welfare.

What is Human Subjects Research?

Human subjects research involves a living individual about whom an investigator—whether professional or a student—obtains information through intervention or interaction with the individual, or through identifiable private information (data with identifiers).

Who Should Apply for IRB Review?

If a CityTech investigator’s (faculty, administration, staff, and students) research project (including observation, interviews, oral history, surveys, data collection, and so forth) involves any human participants, anywhere, an IRB application must be submitted to CityTech’s HRPP Office. Investigators wishing to conduct research at CityTech must also submit an application to CityTech’s HRPP Office. If you have questions about whether you need to apply for IRB approval, contact CityTech’s HRPP Office.

What is My Role as a Principal Investigator (PI)?

  • To understand the principles of human subjects research
  • To follow all federal, state, local, and ethical guidelines when conducting human subjects research
  • To comply with all IRB decisions and requirements
  • To submit a request for amendment/modification for approved protocols form before implementing any changes to previously approved research
  • To submit a continuing review application if any aspect of the research—data analysis or human contact--is extending beyond expiration date
  • To submit a final report when the research is completed
  • To file a protocol deviation when there is any change to the approved protocol that does not have prior IRB review and approval.
  • To report adverse events and unanticipated problems to the IRB immediately

What is My Role as a Faculty Student Advisor?

  • Guide students with protocol preparation so that it is ready for review
  • Ensure that students are conducting research according to federal, state, local, and ethical guidelines
  • Monitor students for the duration of the approved research to ensure compliance
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