Splendid Summer

The I-Cubed Program continues to make strides at City Tech! Though the I-Cubed Program is in its final few months of funding, the work of the faculty, students and administration will last well into the future. Some highlights from the year include:

  • Provost August and Dr. Cinda Scott travel to Washington, D.C. to present the work of I-Cubed at the “Improving the Undergraduate STEM Experience” conference and workshop supported by TERC and the National Science Foundation at the National Academy of Sciences, March, 2014. See our poster below!

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TEAM HAWAI’I- Professors Williams, Blake, Smith, Deiner and Scott


As part of an ongoing exchange, Drs. Selwyn Williams (Biology), Reginald Blake (Physics), Shelley Smith (ARCH-Chair), Jay Deiner (Chemistry) and Cinda Scott (I-Cubed-Biology) traveled to Kapi’olani Community College (KCC) during the first week of April to meet with STEM faculty at KCC to discuss the possibility of creating an exchange program for students. These faculty attended a laboratory in Maunalua Bay, a STEM student undergraduate research fair and had the opportunity to discuss the many challenges that students, especially underrepresented students, in STEM come across in their studies.…Read more


What is I3?

Innovation through Institutional Integration (I-Cubed or I3 or I3) is a National Science Foundation (NSF) award program. I3 challenges faculty…Read more


What is City Tech I3?

The The catalyst for institutional integration is the City Tech I3 Incubator. The I3 incubator is a model that will serve to advance three …Read more


Grants Information Database System

The I3 Incubator team in conjunction with the Assessment and Institutional Research (AIR) Office at City Tech are working together to create an online repository for data collected by City Tech NSF projects. The Grants Information Database System (GIDS) is a novel approach to synthesizing and maintaining information about STEM programs. …Read more

A Case for Case Studies

Interdisciplinary teams of faculty members work together to develop, implement and assess case study teaching methodologies. …Read more


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