As part of an ongoing exchange, Drs. Selwyn Williams (Biology), Reginald Blake (Physics), Shelley Smith (ARCH-Chair), Jay Deiner (Chemistry) and Cinda Scott (I-Cubed-Biology) traveled to Kapi’olani Community College (KCC) during the first week of April to meet with STEM faculty at KCC to discuss the possibility of creating an exchange program for students.  These faculty attended a laboratory in Maunalua Bay, a STEM student undergraduate research fair and had the opportunity to discuss the many challenges that students, especially underrepresented students, in STEM come across in their studies.  The participating faculty also had the opportunity to meet with KCC Chancellor Leon Richards and Dean Charles Sasaki to discuss ways to move forward by using the innovative opportunities presented by the I-Cubed projects on each campus.  The I-Cubed projects at both KCC and City Tech will continue to work together to provide greater opportunities for students and to create meaningful relationships between programs and faculty.  We sincerely thank all of the faculty members involved in this exchange program both at KCC and at City Tech.


Entrance to the KCC STEM Center

Professors Deiner and Smith tour the facilities

Professor Smith strolls along the grounds at KCC

Professors Williams and Blake take in the sights in the BioTech lab at KCC

A KCC student shows off his robot

Professor Deiner cools off in Maunalua Bay during a Biology Lab

City Tech’s Team Hawai’i with Professor Wendy Kuntz (KCC-Biology) and Keolani Noa (STEM Center Coordinator)

Professors Blake, Deiner and Smith with Professor Maria Bautista at the Student Undergraduate Research Fair (S.U.R.F.)

Professor Selwyn Williams giving a talk on his case study as part of a workshop on Case Study teaching methodologies.

Professor Dennis Perusse talks with STEM students in the STEM Center at KCC

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