Faculty Commons College Board's Report of the National Commiossion on Writing for America's Families, Schools, and Colleges

Writing Across the Curriculum

WAC promotes the practice of integrating writing as a learning tool into every discipline. Underlying this approach is the idea that writing well is integral to successful learning as a process that synthesizes one’s analytical skills as a reader and thinker. Writing as a process encourages critical reading and thinking that hone one’s ability to understand and to reason. These foundations of success provide opportunities for students to reinforce and to strengthen their aptitude in any field of study. WAC practices are integral to preparing undergraduates in their chosen fields as they strive to become professionals. 

Writing Fellows are doctoral students from the CUNY Graduate Center trained in the field of writing instruction at the college level. Writing Fellows at City Tech can support individual faculty in their work to improve student writing in three main ways:  

All City Tech faculty are eligible to work with a Writing Fellow regardless of whether or not his or her individual courses are designated “Writing Intensive.” If you are interested in working with a Writing Fellow, please contact one of the WAC coordinators. To get a sense of what the writing fellows have to offer and what kinds of projects fellows and faculty members have developed in collaboration, read the descriptions provided by each of the six writing fellows.

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