Focus of the Design Team

The Faculty Commons design team’s graphic designers work in service of faculty for the students’ benefits.

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    Arianna Bollers

    Designer & Photographer

    Arianna Bollers is a graphic designer, photographer, and college assistant with Faculty Commons and their Design Team. Working with Faculty Commons has helped Arianna develop her communication and interpersonal skills while working with others such as designers, creative students, and faculty. Arianna aspires to use her creative thinking and design skills to help others through volunteer work in her community. This will allow her to become the designer she has always dreamed of becoming.

Previous Faculty Commons Design Team Members:

Chelsea Allen, Loubna Aly, Lei Cai, Jonathan Campoverde, Yaniferz Cantor, Yue Chen, Antoine Christian, Rebecca Collazo, Angelica Corrao, Raciel Guzman, Elva Hsieh, Crystal Huang, Matthew Joseph, Andie Lessa, Silvia San Martin, Natasha Marcano-Dillon, Anjelin Martinez, Nigel McBean, Avril Miller, Jose Molina, Keiko Nakayama, Paul Nembhard, Alexander Ng, Meleny Perez, Fabiola Perez, Patricia Persaud, Abiezer Ramos, Joanna Rooney, Basim Sharhan, Dmitri Sinitsky, Jennifer Ward, Bernita Wynn, Natalie Yeung and Eva Zelarayan.

Previous Faculty Advisors:

Mary Ann Biehl, Reneta D. Lansiquot.