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Bronx Community College invites you to our Annual Conference on Community College Excellence

January 19, 2017

Registration is open!
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We are delighted to invite you to BCC’s Fourth Annual Conference on Community College Excellence. The theme of this year’s conference is “Bridging the Gap: Evidence-based practices that lead to reflection, redesign, and transformation.” It will provide an opportunity for colleagues to present on research and activities that improve outcomes for our students by focusing on issues that affect student success, institutional capacity, and service. Our community colleges are sites of experimentation, continuously engaging in addressing their core missions, responding to changing student bodies and an ever-shifting professional landscape for their graduates.

We are delighted to have Dr. Eduardo Marti, former interim President of Bronx Community College, present the keynote address. He is the author of America’s Broken Promise: Bridging the Community College Achievement Gap. Dr. Marti is a distinguished educator with a long track record of leadership in higher education, particularly in CUNY, where he is President emeritus of Queensborough Community College and served as University Vice Chancellor for Community Colleges prior to serving at BCC. A more detailed bio for Dr. Marti can be found here.

This conference began three years ago as a forum for campus conversations among our faculty and staff on challenges that impeded our students’ progress and initiatives that led to improvements in their success. It has grown as a showcase for initiatives that evidence improvements in teaching, programs, and services that impact learning, academic progress, and graduation of our students. Overwhelming positive responses from participants led us to expand participation to our sister community colleges in CUNY last year. This year we are very excited to invite colleagues from all the CUNY community and four-year colleges to attend, present and collectively reflect on the mission of our educational institutions and our individual roles as educators, program directors, or staff.  Attached is a flyer for posting!

Call for Proposals
Submit your proposal here.


We are inviting faculty and staff to submit proposals for presentations. It will provide an opportunity for colleagues from CUNY to present on research and activities that improve outcomes for our students by focusing on issues that impact student success, institutional capacity, and service.

The conference program will be based on six broad themes listed below.

1. Best Practices in Partnering Programs with Pedagogy
2. Aligning Support and Services to Ensure Student Success
3. Transforming the Learning Experience
4. Preparing our Incoming Students to Succeed
5. Preparing our Students for Life After Graduation
6. Using Data to Inform Improvement

Follow the submission link to learn more about detailed descriptions and sample areas under each theme and to complete a Proposal form. The form will contain specific information of the requirements and format of the proposal and the format of the presentations.

Keep a look out for the conference agenda and updates later this Fall. We’ll be sending reminders as we get closer to this exciting event.


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