Open Pedagogy: Ungrading

Please RSVP by commenting on this post. Please share this invitation with your colleagues! As higher education continues to demand rigor and productivity from its workers and students, we’re concerned with how institutional policies can better engage the material realities of many in the CUNY community. Difficulties in the classroom are compounded by ongoing investment in a “back-to-normal” paradigm that

Teaching Matters: “Accessibility as Good Pedagogy

Providing an inclusive learning environment and educational materials that are accessible for all students is as much a matter of sound pedagogy as it is a legal requirement. Join us for an interactive workshop on accessibility in teaching and learning with the diverse student population at CUNY in mind, and a discussion on how integrating

Faculty Friday: IRB & Research Involving Human Subjects

All are welcome to the presentation portion of this third meeting of the Faculty Publication Support Workshop series. Professor Tina Kao will discuss research compliance, IRB procedures, and the approval process for research involving human subjects.Questions: Watch recording of event below:

Preserving and Telling a New York Story: The SoHo Memory Project

Preserving and Telling a New York Story On Tuesday 11/16 1-2pm, there will be a discussion of City Tech's award-winning SoHo Memory Project documentary, featuring Prof. Josh Kapusinski (COMD, Moving Pixels Club Advisor), Jonathan Baez (City Tech alum and cinematographer), and Or Szyflingier (alum and director). Here are the corresponding materials to share with students:

City Tech’s Nineteenth Annual Poster Session

The Nineteenth Annual Poster Session will be held on Thursday, November 18, 2021, from 12:30 to 3 pm. This event will showcase the results of the research of our faculty and students and will be open to the public. This year, the 19th Annual Poster Session of Faculty and Student Research will be held online.

Works in the Works: A Talk by Annette Saddik

Clowning Around?: Reimagining Political Transformation in Late-Twentieth-Century Grotesque Theatre In this presentation, I discuss my most recent book project, which focuses on the figure of the clown in late twentieth-century theatre. During the latter half of the twentieth century, particularly from the 1960s to the 1990s during a period of political change in a world

Avoiding Plagiarism: A Workshop for Students

Plagiarism can be less obvious than you think, especially in an online environment. This workshop will give you practical information and strategies to ensure your writing assignments are plagiarism-free. Students register in advance for this workshop: After registering, a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting will be sent. Message for Faculty Regarding

Opening Gateways: Open Digital Pedagogies for Student Success in STEM

Over the past six years, City Tech and BMCC have joined in a cross-campus collaboration to improve STEM student success in critical mathematics courses. All too often these “gateway” courses function not as gateways but as barriers to progress and completion in STEM disciplines. With funding from the U.S. Department of Education’s Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions

Immersive instructional design workshop

Ten City Tech faculty will be selected to participate in a paid, virtual January immersive instructional design workshop in which they will learn about information literacy, reflect on discipline specific research practices and  Information Literacy (IL) skills, and be introduced to accessible Instructional Design (ID) principles. Participants will complete readings and participate in discussions (both