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2022-2023 Academic Affairs Professional Travel Information

PSC CUNY professional travel funds for full-time faculty and HEOs are administered by the Deans’ and Provost’s Office. 2022-2023 funding allocations follow:

Area2022-2023 Allocation
School of Arts & Sciences – Dean’s Office$22,750
School of Professional Studies – Dean’s Office$17,500
School of Tech & Design – Dean’s Office$15,750
Academic Affairs (HEOs & Librarians) – Provost’s Office$5,668

CUNY faculty travel grants, and other grant funding, should be pursued. Additional information can be found on the CUNY Faculty Affairs website > Faculty Resources page, including travel, professional development, and research funding opportunities for adjunct, lecturer, and tenure-track faculty. Travel funds can also be requested in PSC CUNY grants.

Please make sure that all presentations supported by professional travel are included in your Faculty Scholarship Report submission. Evidence of the benefits of faculty professional travel helps to assure future funding.

Prior to travel

Please complete the Professional Travel Request Form which follows. All professional travel, whether funded or not, must have the prior approval of your chair/supervisor.

If you decide not to travel

Email your school’s email address, subject: CANCEL so that the funds can be reallocated to other faculty members.

N.B.  Please do not use the Travel Authorization module in CUNYfirst. If for some reason you created a Travel Authorization and you do not travel, you MUST cancel it.  The authorization holds funding in advance of the expense report, so if you don’t cancel it, available funds are withheld from future use. 

Application, request, and reimbursement processes differ depending on the source of funding. Most funding falls under one of the following categories:

PDAC Travel Funds

Disbursed by the City Tech Foundation

Application will be posted here when PDAC funds become available.

Documents Needed for Reimbursement:

Within 15 days of returning from travel or receiving your PDAC travel funds award letter, whichever is later, but ALWAYS before June 30, 2020:

Email to your Dean’s Office as a single pdf file, your reimbursement package which includes in the following order:

  1. Expense Reimbursement form
  2. PDAC award letter
  3. Professional Travel Request form
  4. Original receipts showing a zero balance and billed to you if a major expense such as hotel, transportation or conference registration.
  5. Supporting conference/workshop documentation which includes the dates and location of the conference and your name in the conference agenda if presenting or chairing a session.
  6. In a separate Word file, please include the abstract, per the PDAC abstract template, found below. Failure to submit in a timely fashion may result in loss of funding

Reimbursement Process

The Dean’s Office verifies that the application is complete and within travel reimbursement guidelines, then forwards to the Associate Provost, who submits your reimbursement request to the City Tech Foundation. Failure to submit your reimbursement request in a timely fashion may result in loss of funding.

Once processed, you will receive an email confirmation and should pick up your reimbursement check at the City Tech Foundation Office, 16 Court Street, Suite 600, Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.


Note: On occasion, faculty members apply for PDAC funding for two or more trips in a semester, which are reviewed and approved by PDAC. Typically an award letter is issued for the earlier trip, so that reimbursement occurs as soon as possible. Any funds not used on the first trip may be reallocated to the second trip. Please contact AP Pamela Brown if you wish to apply unused funds to a second trip,

Dean’s Office Travel Funds

Tax levy funds managed in CUNYfirst

Your Dean’s Office generally has some limited funds to disburse for professional travel. Reimbursements for travel funded through the Dean’s Office are tax levy funds and processed through CUNYfirst. A module for reimbursement for travel is included in CUNYfirst but is only added to your roles upon request. If you do not have access to the Financial Supply Chain / Travel and Expense module please complete a CUNYfirst Travel and Expenses User Access Request Form. Complete the employee information, sign, and send the entire form to Namm 320,

Reimbursement Process

If you received funding through the Dean’s Office, apply for reimbursement in CUNYfirst following the instructions, Create an Expense Report. Attach receipts for expenses not covered by other sources and documentation to verify the dates and location of the conference/workshop. It is suggested that you arrange any paper receipts on 8″ × 11″ paper and scan before attaching to the Expense Report.

PSC-CUNY & external grant-funded travel

Disbursed through the CUNY Research Foundation systems at

Travel Funds Documents

Updated as of 08/11/2022

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