2023 – 2024 CRSP Application

The CUNY Research Scholars Program (CRSP) provides a $5000 stipend ($1000 in Fall, $1000 in Spring and $3000 in Summer) for full-time students enrolled in Associate program or in Bachelor program with less than 50 credits for conducting research with a faculty member. If there is a student that you would like to work with, please provide them with

Culturally Responsive Teaching as an HSI

Professors Diana Samaroo (CHEM) and Melanie Villatoro (CMCE) will offer two additional workshops, as a continuation of the campus climate grant. All sessions via ZOOM: 

Effectively Engaging Students in Creative Problem-Solving for Innovation

Research shows that a structured approach to innovation can improve the productivity and creativity of innovation teams. This hands-on workshop introduces techniques to help innovation teams find (a) facts, (b) new ideas, and (c) creative solutions in classroom settings. Workshop attendees will learn how to apply these techniques to better engage students in group work

Solicitation of proposals for Beitler Funds to support students’ professional development

2023-2024 Beitler Resource funds are now available to support and sustain meaningful, college-related activities that contribute to the professional growth of full-time students in good academic standing. Activities may include but are not limited to the following: Guidelines and the application are attached. Application are submitted by faculty, not students. Maximum Grant Amount per project:

Engaging Students Through Writing: An Introduction to WAC Principles

Want to increase engagement in your classroom and help your students become better thinkers? Join us to discuss effective, research-backed ways to do so based on Writing Across the Curriculum principles. Registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwuduivqz0sEtAM-ft6ZoIVWGPfZmgiyN3o View Poster The workshop stands alone but is also a great opportunity for faculty interested in participating in the WI Certification in

Works in the Works: Medical Manipulations: Material Medical Practice, Body Trauma, and Queer Production

Speaker: Laura Westengard, English Department Traditional Japanese architecture masterfully blends environment, light, and boundaries. Japanese architecture creates spaces that resonate with nature and the change of me. Deep-rooted appreciation for nature integrates buildings seamlessly into their surroundings, forging harmonious unity. These spaces don't just separate inside from outside; they frame nature like an ever-changing painting,