Focus of the Design Team

The Faculty Commons design team’s graphic designers work in service of faculty for the students’ benefit.

  • Or Szyflingier

    Or Szyflingier


    Interning with Faculty Commons has given me the opportunity to keep pursuing my passion and career. As a graphic designer, I get to work with different clients from all backgrounds, connect with my team and create different visuals to reach the client's goals and increase engagement among students, faculty and staff. I’m a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on graphic design advertisement, video and motion. There are so many paths to explore that I believe a designer shouldn’t be afraid to try them all.

  • Aracely Calle


    Interning at Faculty Commons has been a great opportunity to improve and develop my design skills. As a design intern, I have been tasked to interact directly with the different departments of the New York City College of Technology with the purpose of bringing their ideas to life. Time management has been a priority over the course of this internship because all projects have a deadline that we must follow. My aspiration for the future is to use my design skills professionally to make the world a better place.

  • Philip Zeng

    Philip Zeng

    College Assistant and Designer

    As a designer for Project Wayfinding, I created a unified degree checklist for every department at New York City College of Technology. I worked as a project manager and marketer for Open Educational Resources. Working with Faculty Commons has taught me to manage my time efficiently and to be versatile when communicating with different clients. Fun facts about me are that I am very meticulous about my work and I like plants.

  • Savonne Andrews

    Savonne Andrews


    As an intern at Faculty Commons, I design for various efforts around the campus as well as photograph events. I work closely with clients to bring their vision to life, usually designing posters, brochures and bookmarks. My work in Faculty Commons has helped me to develop my portfolio while honing my skills as both a designer and problem solver. As someone interested in social media I plan to use the skills I develop to create an audience for my work. My goal is to learn various artistic mediums to promote my music and animation. One fun fact about me is I want to explore many different artistic fields rather than stay on one path.

  • Kevin Rajaram

    Kevin Rajaram

    College Assistant and Webmaster

    As a webmaster, I oversee and maintain Faculty Commons website to make sure content is up-to-date and correct. Faculty Commons has allowed me to build great communication and working skills with colleagues and faculty. It has also helped with my time management skills, as several projects are being worked on simultaneously and need to be managed in a timely manner to meet deadlines. My aspirations for the future is to be a better web developer and designer that pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved on the web. One aspect of my character that I would like someone to know is that I like to do urban photography!

  • Lu Xue

    Lu Xue

    College Assistant and Designer

    The task I performed with Faculty Commons included communicating with clients, making concepts for their ideas, and designing and bringing their ideas to life. This internship is helping me learn Adobe Suite and necessary skills for the workplace. These experiences have helped me develop my interpersonal skills and has improved my communication in a team friendly setting. My aspirations for the future are to become a professional graphic designer in a professional corporation or as a freelance designer.

Previous Faculty Commons Design Team Members:

Chelsea Allen, Colin Alli, Loubna Aly, Arianna Bollers, Julie Bradford, Lei Cai, Maen Caka, Jonathan Campoverde, Yaniferz Cantor, Antoine Christian, Rebecca Collazo, Angelica Corrao, Rodlyn Daniels, Anmol K. Dhamrait, Raciel Guzman, Yimei Han, Elva Hsieh, Crystal Huang, Matthew Joseph, Antonin Lesov, Andie Lessa, William Luperena, Silvia San Martin, Natasha Marcano-Dillon, Anjelin Martinez, Erin Mayoyo, Nigel McBean, Mandy Mei, Avril Miller, Jose Molina, Keiko Nakayama, Paul Nembhard, Alexander Ng, Marlon Palmer, Meleny Perez, Fabiola Perez, Patricia Persaud, Abiezer Ramos, Cerena Reid, Jeremy Renner, Joanna Rooney, Basim Sharhan, Dmitri Sinitsky, Alexander Thompson-Burton, Dorian Valentine, Ashley Valera, Hoa Vu, Jennifer Ward, Bernita Wynn, Natalie Yeung and Eva Zelarayan.

Current Faculty Advisor:

Mary Ann Biehl

Previous Faculty Advisors:

Anita Giraldo, Reneta D. Lansiquot.