To hire an employee on a City Tech Research Foundation of CUNY (RFCUNY) grant, the PI must complete a City Tech RFCUNY Employee Processing form and submit to Rodlyn Daniels at least one week before the employee start date. If you are hiring multiple employees, please send as far in advance as possible. Employees must present documentation to Rodlyn in-person before they can start work.

For hiring employees on Perkins grant, please forward Perkins employee processing form to Patty Gorkhover for approval.

If hiring a full-time employee, a Personnel Vacancy Notice (PVN) must be submitted to RFCUNY website to advertise position. Once a candidate is selected for hire. PI must select employee to be hired in PVN system to close the job listing. Once closed, at least a week before start date, the PI must send completed City Tech RFCUNY Employee Processing form to Rodlyn Daniels.

For new hires to RFCUNY information from the completed processing form will be entered into the RFCUNY Onboard system by OSP. PI should not enter employee information into the RF Onboard System. Employee will be sent link to complete Onboard packet online. Employee information will also be entered into the RFCUNY E-Verify system, and the employee will be sent an invitation to complete section 1 of the I-9 form.

If the employee is a rehire OSP will check with RFCUNY about requirements. A rehire is an employee who has not worked for RFCUNY for 120-days or more. Employees may need to complete an RFCUNY Onboard packet, and/or complete I-9/E-verify. If RFCUNY requires a job duties form and a wage and title form or if appointment must be entered into the RFCUNY EPAF system, OSP will contact the PI.

Employees will receive several emails to be onboarded. OSP will send an email about the process and copy the PI and/or supervisor.

Once the Onboarding process is complete RFCUNY will enter the employee appointment and it will be available via e RFCUNY web reports and ePAF system.

The RFCUNY website also has additional information about Hiring & Employee Management.


You must include the employee’s full legal name.

If the person is a current CUNY employee a multiple position letter is required. Here is a sample multiple position letter. The RFCUNY job duties must be distinct and separate from the employees’ CUNY job duties.

The form must include a work start and end date. The work start and end dates must be within the start and end dates of the grant.

Full-time employees require a biweekly pay rate, full-time employees work 70 hours per biweekly period. The hours per biweekly pay period is the total work hours for two weeks. The fringe benefit rate for full-time employees is 35% as of 7/1/2023.

Part-time A or B employees require an hourly rate. Part time A employees work more than 38 hours bi-weekly but less than 70 hours. The fringe benefit rate is 35%.

Part time B employees work 38 hours or less per biweekly period. The fringe benefit rate is 8% as of 7/1/2023.RF is required to charge all grants MTA payroll tax at rate of .60% of salary for all employees.

Please include employees’ work schedule with the number of hours of work for each day, do not include schedule, e.g., 9am-1pm.

The salary expense code is the object code listed on your budget on your RFCUNY web report. You must include the code that includes funds budgeted for this employee. For example, 5414 Tutors, 5417 Technician and 5449 Mentor.

RF job titles can be found at RFCUNY website. If you have any questions about RF job titles, please contact OSP. The functional title does not have to be the same as the RFCUNY job title.

Please indicate if work is remote and U.S. state if not in New York. An employee must present documentation in-person before their work start date. Please be sure to include job description, and qualifications. Please check other boxes as needed, sign form and send to OSP at least one week prior to work start date.


Before starting work City Tech RFCUNY new employees will receive three emails to complete the Onboarding process, one from OSP, one from RFCUNY, and one from the Department of Homeland Security. Please check your spam folder, sometimes emails will go to spam. If you did not receive all emails, contact your supervisor or OSP.

The RFCUNY email from will include a link to RFCUNY Onboard packet that must be completed and submitted by the employee before meeting with OSP.

The Department of Homeland Security email will include a link to complete section 1 of I-9 form.

The OSP email will advise you to complete the RF Onboarding packet and section one of I-9 form. This email will also include a link to schedule an appointment with Rodlyn Daniels in OSP. When meeting with Rodlyn employees must bring documentation to verify identity and employment eligibility.

Employees must complete an Onboarding packet, section 1 of I-9 and meet in-person with OSP before work start date.


RFCUNY timesheets are due bi-weekly, please see RFCUNY payroll calendar for pay period end dates.

OSP recommends that employees submit their timesheets on the Friday before each pay period end date to allow time for supervisors to approve timesheets. PIs or supervisors should not be entering and approving timesheets. Employees must enter their timesheet   and PI/supervisor must approve.

To approve timesheet, log on to, go to Electronic Tools > Time and Leave > Payroll Administration. Click on the pay period end date on the calendar, if you have multiple RF accounts then a drop-down menu will appear to select account. If you have a single RF account, you will be directed to the Projects Employee Summary Page. All employees on the project will be listed and include the status of the timesheet. Statuses are New, Created, Submitted, Approved, or Uploaded. Click on View/Edit to access timesheet, to approve scroll down to click preview timesheet, then scroll down again and click save and approve. The timesheet status will change to approved.


RFCUNY employees accrue annual leave on hours worked. Timesheets will indicate both work hours and annual leave hours. When an appointment is entered the total number of hours are divided into work and annual leave hours. If an employee does not use annual leave during their appointment, toward the end of appointment timesheets cannot be approved. Please discuss annual leave with employees. Part-time employees can use annual leave during holidays and spring break. Please refer to RFCUNY website for information about annual leave


Most City Tech RFCUNY employees are covered by collective bargaining agreement and are members of the PSC-CUNY union. Eligibility is dependent upon RFCUNY job title. Eligible employees must pay union dues or agency fees; failure to do so can result in employee discharge. Also note as per the current contract (ending June 2024) employees are entitled to a 2% increase as of October 1st. RFCUNY typically automatically increases employee salaries on this date. The contract is available at RF Field Unit Contracts – PSC CUNY (

For additional information, employees can contact PSC at 212-354-1252 or email Jessica Varrone or Denyse Procope Gregoire Email is preferred.

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