PDAC is dedicated to promoting and advancing individual and collective scholarship, in support of the college’s mission. Established in 1980, activities include allocation of PDAC Professional Travel Funds, the Scholar on Campus program and support of workshops and other initiatives to promote faculty professional development.

Classroom Management Seminars, designed especially for faculty new to teaching, offers a wide variety of tips and techniques on highly effective practices that engage students in active learning.

We welcome your ideas, questions, and participation in activities that are useful to you. Email us or stop by Namm 227 or visit the e-Calendar of faculty development events on our website.

The PDAC serves as an advisory body to the Provost’s Office and works in partnership with the Faculty Commons to create the programing, initiatives and supportive environment in which all faculty can thrive and succeed at City Tech.

Professional Development Advisory Council

Pamela Brown, PDAC Chair

Lubie Alatriste
Daniel Alter
Esteban Beita
Nadia Benakli
Monica Berger
Marianna Bonanome
Karen Bonsignore
Juanita But
Candido Cabo
Gwen Cohen-Brown
Susan Davide
Rebecca Devers
Lynda Dias
Mary Sue Donsky
Aida Egues
Boris Gelman
Pa Her
Louise Hoffman
Paul King
Darya Krym
Janet Liou-Mark
Karen Lundstrem
Zory Marantz
John McCullough
Djafar Mynbaev
Tony Nicolas
Susan Phillip
Marcia Powell
Estela Rojas
Rebecca Shapiro
Kimberly Strickler
Ryoya Terao
Shauna Vey

Julia Jordan, Ex Officio

2007 – 2012

Professional Development Advisory Council