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New York City College of Technology, “City Tech,” is the designated senior college of technology within the 24-unit City University of New York (CUNY), the largest urban public university system in the nation.  The college plays an important role nationally in the education of future scientists, engineers, technologists and mathematicians. The National Science Foundation ranks City Tech third nationally in the number of associate-level science and engineering degrees awarded to black students, 23rd in degrees awarded to male students, and 48th in degrees awarded to women.[1]  Baccalaureate programs are experiencing rapid enrollment growth. At present, 55% of all students are enrolled in baccalaureate programs. 

Fall Semester 2018 student enrollment was 17,278, of whom 37% attended part-time. Twenty-nine percent (29%) of students self-identified as Black (non-Hispanic), 34% as Hispanic, 20% as Asian, 10% as White, 1% as Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, 1% as Other and 5% Non-Resident. Sixty-one percent (61%) reported a household income of less than $30,000. Eighty percent (80%) of incoming first-year students and 67 % of returning students received need-based financial aid.  Sixty-two percent (62%) are the first in their families to attend college.  The student body reported 145 different countries of origin; countries of origin of faculty also span the globe. Twenty-seven percent (27%) of students reported working 20 or more hours per week[2]. Students enter with widely disparate levels of academic preparation, professional goals, and personal circumstances. As an open access institution, City Tech’s historic mission has been to offer opportunities for educational advancement to students regardless of financial circumstances or prior academic achievement. The college is a federally designated Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI).

Barbara Burke, Director of Sponsored Programs

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