Tenure Track Reappointment Process


Department Committees

The first vote in a personnel action is the responsibility of a departmental committee. All votes are based on a review and discussion of the candidate’s file. Each member of the Department Appointments Committee and the department Peer Committee is obligated to review the entire official file of the candidate, as well as the PARSE. The official file is in OSFR. At the departmental level, the procedure for reappointment, certification, and tenure differs from that followed for promotions.

Reappointment, Certification, or Tenure—Department Appointments Committee

  • Department Appointments Committees meet in early September to vote on a candidate’s reappointment, certification, or tenure. (Reappointment for the second year is voted on in the spring of the first year).
  • Department Appointments Committees shall not meet with the candidates except when the candidate is exercising a contractual right (Section 18.2.a. of CBA) to meet with the committee in regard to an unsatisfactory evaluation. See section I.C.1. above.
  • As soon as possible, the Chair (or a designated member of the Committee) will inform the candidate as to whether the Department Appointments Committee vote was negative or positive. Actual vote counts shall not be communicated to the candidate. No other member of the Committee is to discuss the Committee action with the candidate and it is not appropriate for candidates to request such discussion with any members of the Committee. The Chair shall be available to the candidate for guidance about the process.
  • The department vote, noted by the Dean, is sent to OSFR via a transmittal form and becomes incorporated into the candidate’s file for the next committee level, the Review Committee. OSFR will notify the Provost of the department vote. Department Committees should meet according to the schedule in IV.B. so that the work of the Review Committee(s) will not be delayed.
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