City Tech Mentoring Network

City Tech Mentoring Network

We all benefit from mentoring relationships at different points throughout our careers.

The Mentoring Steering Committee is creating a mentoring network, to support early and mid-career faculty, and create a more supportive environment across the campus.

Through a grant from CUNY, Faculty Fellows are working this year on developing a mentoring map/plan to help them reach their goals. Faculty mentors with a range of expertise are working with mentees as part of a network and are supporting their colleagues at the lecturer, assistant and associate professor level.

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In addition to working with the Fellows, Mentors are available to assist faculty in the following areas listed below:

Nina Bannett


Mary Ann Biehl

Communication Design

Candido Cabo

Computers Systems Technology

Joycelyn Dillon

Dental Hygiene

Sandie Han


Laina Karthikeyan

Biological Sciences

David Lee


Hamid Norouzi

Construction Management

Godfrey Nwoke

Career and Technology Education

Justine Pawlukewicz

Human Services

Margaret Rafferty


Ashwin Satyanarayana

Computers Systems Technology

Shelley Smith

Architectural Technology

Andy S. Zhang

Mechanical Engineering

Anne Zissu