PARSE Samples

PARSE Samples Provided by Faculty from the Department of:

Architectural Technology
Computer Systems Technology (Year 1)
Dental Hygiene
English (Year 1)
English (Year 2)
Entertainment Technology
Health and Human Services (Year 1)
Hospitality Management
Hospitality Management (Cumulative Self Evaluation/4 Years)
Social Science

Excerpts from PARSE Self Evaluations


…I began the school year armed with new tools to improve my teaching in both the course I teach (DEN 1114, Oral History and Embryology), and in the clinic. … It has always been uppermost in my mind that the most relevant and useful instruction focuses on problem solving and the development of critical thinking skills among my students. These goals continue to be a high priority as I further develop my teaching skills, supervisory responsibilities, and day-to-day classroom presentations. The development of problem solving and critical thinking skills in students are important attributes for any discipline, and the oral hygiene profession is no exception. Those who work in the health care professions are continuously faced with issues that require evaluation and analysis, an ability to succinctly summarize and present situations to other members of the care team, and be part of a program to develop and maintain the best health care options for the dental hygiene patient. …

Maria-Elena Bilello, Asst. Prof., Dental Hygiene, School of Professional Studies, Spring 2011

Scholarly and Professional Growth

… This excitement about being at City Tech is what drives me to continue to develop as a professional. For example, I want to continue to write about what I do and what needs to be addressed, to increase the number of submitted manuscripts accepted for publication in various creative and prestigious international, national, and multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journals. Having work accepted for publication, particularly in nursing, can be extremely difficult given the competition and the time from acceptance to publication. But, I do my best to have something in the pipeline with consistency. Excitement also drives me to present at peer-reviewed conferences that are viewed as premier and highly competitive venues for the nurse educator, such as The National League for Nursing (NLN), and the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN). To have my work judged as valuable allows expression of my passions as advocate, clinician, educator, and researcher, and allows me to bring back to the classroom an appreciation for diversity and a validation of what it takes to assist our students’ learning. …

Aida Egues, Assoc. Prof., School of Professional Studies, Fall 2014

… I believe that to be an effective teacher, I must continue with my research on social and emotional development. I share my enthusiasm with research with our students, thereby enhancing their learning experience. My research overlap with the faculty, but my specific focus on social competence and self-­development from a cultural framework allow me to produce a unique line of substantive and collaborative research. One collaborative study underway with Dr. May Chen, and Dr. Jean Kubeck involves the investigation of traumatic writing and coping. I have also utilized New York City College of Technology’s diversity to expand the established boundaries and borders in psychology and understand development in a more meaningful context. My unique line of research project titled Parental Emotion Socialization: Increasing Socio-emotional Competence and Reducing Maladaptive Behaviors in Low-income Urban Children was funded by at Graduate Research Technology Initiative Grant in 2010. My scholarship and professional activities have resulted in a peer-reviewed publication in the International Journal of Behavioral Science currently in press in the spring of 2011 and two poster presentations presented at the international conference for the Society of Research in Child Development in Montreal, Canada in 2011. …

Pa Her, Asst. Prof., Social Science, School of Arts and Sciences, Spring 2011


… My leadership in the architecture and design community has been recognized by being nominated as the 2012 AIA National Young Architect award. My work as a design professional has also been recognized by the Swiss government by inviting me to participate in a Think Tank for the future of Swiss design. In addition I have been recognized as an industry leader by Hachette publishing, the Brazilian consulate and the National Endowment for the Arts. I have been invited to participate in events, conventions, serve as moderator, roundtables and think tanks for each of these organizations, which are a huge honor for a young architect. I served on the board of directors for the American Institute of Architects in New York and the Center for Architecture (2007-09) elected by a body that represents over 4800 Manhattan based architects. Most recently I have been appointed by AIA National as regional coordinator for Young Architects Forum (2011-12), representing all young architects in the state of New York. I continue to serve on the exhibitions committee at the center for architecture bringing national and international exhibitions, programs and dialogue to the city of New York. …

Iliya Azaroff, Asst. Prof., Architectural Technology, School of Technology and Design, Spring 2011

… My primary functions in the Department of Dental Hygiene are to provide academic knowledge through Oral Pathology lectures (DEN 2311) to the third semester (senior) students and clinical expertise in the treatment of patients (Principles of Dental Hygiene Care I –IV). The Dental Hygiene Clinic is our ‘lab’, and our students provide oral health assessment and dental hygiene treatment for patients on site. I also run the DEN 2700 course, the Hospital Internship program.

Other service to the Department of Dental Hygiene includes maintenance and update of the emergency medical kit, being the “Dentist on the floor”, and creating a digital archive of oral pathologic lesions seen in the Dental Hygiene Clinic – with well over 8000 digital photos labeled and organized for use by all faculty within the department as well as by request by outside clinicians. …

Gwen Cohen-Brown, Assoc. Prof., Dental Hygiene, School of Professional Studies, Fall 2012