Summer Salary

City Tech summer salary forms and letters are due May 31st. 

Please email to

All Principal Investigators (PIs) who are budgeted for summer salary should have received an email about City Tech summer salary process.

PIs are required to send a summer salary letter (or email) to all faculty receiving summer salary on your RF grant, and a letter to your chair if you are receiving summer salary on your own grant. (If you are a chairperson, please address letter to your dean and have dean sign form as chairperson) Letters should be sent to summer salary recipient, chair, dean and a copy to The letter must include RF project number, summer salary amount, and time period.  We will be checking letters to ensure that they match the proposal. For example, if activities are scheduled to take place in June then summer salary must be paid in June, not July or August. There is no time shifting. Letters may be general or specific as needed.  See sample letters below.

Faculty must submit a completed form to receive summer salary from RFCUNY grant funds. City Tech summer salary form is fillable form, it allows for electronic signature and calculates fringe benefits. The form is available below and also at OSP page on Faculty Commons website. If you have a problem with form please contact Patty Gorkhover,

The are three forms, choose the form based upon the number of different grant/projects you will receive summer salary from to avoid submitting multiple forms. There is a form for one or two grants, three grants (triple form) and four (quadruple form) grants.  

PIs may want to send the letter and completed form to faculty on your grant or send letters earlier and complete form later. The choice is yours. However, if a faculty member has summer salary on multiple grants a new form may be needed.

OSP must be in receipt of letter and completed summer salary form to process summer salary from RFCUNY grant funds.