AIR Adjunct Assessment Academy

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Purpose: Learn to use assessment best practices to improve student outcomes. Presenters: Dr. Tammie Cumming, Assessment and Institutional Research Dr. Jay Deiner, Chemistry Ms. Yimi Zhao, Assessment and Institutional Research Facilitators: Dr. Benito Mendoza, Computer Engineering Technology Professor Susan Nilsen-Kupsch, Dental Hygiene Professor Susan Phillip, Hospitality Management Dr. Sarah Standing, Humanities

AIR: Interrater Reliability Group 1


Gen Ed Competencies Inquiry Analysis Integrative Learning Intercultural Knowledge   Venue: Faculty Commons Main room (N-227) By invitation only.

Air: Interrater Reliability Group 2


Gen Ed Competencies Creative Thinking Lifelong Learning   Venue: Faculty Commons Main room (N-227) By invitation only.

AIR Assessment 101 Workshop

N-227 Conference Room

From What We Know to What We Do - Come learn about the fundamentals of Program Assessment - Familiarize yourself with assessment basics AIR Workshops are open to all City Tech faculty and staff. RSVP to