Designer Matter: Meta-Material Interactions with Light and Sound

Namm 823

Dear Faculty and Students, The Physics Department and Center for Theoretical Physics will conduct a seminar Thursday May 16 at 12:00 pm in Namm Room 823.  Faculty and students are welcome. Light refreshments will be served. Topic: Metamaterials are artificial materials with properties well beyond what offered by nature, providing unprecedented opportunities to tailor and

Physics Department presents Novel nano-imaging techniques for probing electronic properties in graphene devices

Namm 823

Presented by: Dr. Dorri Halbertal Columbia University My talk will present results of two studies of heat dissipation related processes in graphene devices, involving unconventional local probe techniques. The first part of my talk will focus on my work at the Weizmann Institute involving the developed of a scanning nanoSQUID with sub 50 nm diameter

Optical Metamaterials Based on Broken Symmetries

Presented by: Andrea Alù, Einstein Professor at the Photonics Initiative. In this talk, he discusses our recent research activity in nano-optics, polaritonics and electromagnetics, showing how suitably tailored meta-atomsand arrangements of them open exciting venues to realize new light phenomena and devices.

Physics Department: Earth Defense: Diverting Impact-Threatening Iron Asteroids Using Terrestrial Laser Arrays

Presented by: Gregory Matlof Asteroids are small celestial objects left over from the origin of the solar system. They come in three basic varieties: volatile-rich,rocky and metallic. Occasionally, an asteroid may approach the Earth or impact our planet causing major ecological damage.A number of techniques have been proposed to divert Earth-threatening asteroids. Diverting a metallic