WAC: Effective Assignment Design

This workshop will cover a number of assignment design strategies that emphasize active learning through student writing. Developing effective writing assignments helps students retain and critically think about course content. In this workshop, faculty will have the chance to discuss and enhance their own writing assignments.

Cumulative ePARSE Self Evaluation

This workshop will guide faculty to draft of their self-evaluation through self-reflection, guided peer-review, and group discussion. Participants are expected to complete the Part 1 self-paced workshop and create their draft before working with the WAC team on 4/4.

WAC: Minimal Marking and Effective Grading

This workshop offers strategies for minimizing time spent on grading while maximizing the effectiveness of written comments. These strategies not only ease an instructor’s workload but also lead to more comprehensive student learning. We will cover a variety of minimal marking techniques that will allow faculty to focus on overall improvements in student writing.