Initiative for Interstellar Studies, UK: Kevin F. Long presents Interstellar Flight: The Perspective of Theoretical Physics

N-816 NY

The quest for the stars is an inspiring one that promises discoveries and new knowledge that has profound implications for our view of the Universe. Yet, to travel to the stars apparently requires breakthroughs in our physics and engineering knowhow. In this presentation, we examine the problem from the stand point of theoretical physics and

The Physics Department presents An information theoretic approach to quantify complexity of nanoscale systems by Dr. Ilya Grigorenko


Abstract: In this study the entropy density and mutual information measures were used to identify the optimal interaction parameters between nanoparticles, which lead to the maximum geometric complexity of self-assembled nanostructures. A generalization of complexity measures at a finite temperature and for nonequilibrium systems is also presented. The developed theory can be used for efficient in