Department of Social Science Colloquium Presents No Pressure, But Could We Have Your Organs?


A lecture by Cansu Canca, Ph.D. The current system of organ donation fails to meet the needs of parents waiting for a transplant. Two policies have the potential to overcome this problem and save lives: a market in organs and the mandatory procurement of organs. However, both policies face criticisms for violating individual autonomy. When a

Social Science Lecture: The Soviet-Israeli War 1967-1973


Please join us! Isabella Ginor and Gideon Remez discuss their new book The Soviet-Israeli War 1967-1973 (Hurst/Oxford University Press) This groundbreaking book sheds new light on the peak of the USSR’s direct military involvement in the Egyptian-Israeli conflict. The head-on clash that pitted some 50,000 Soviet servicemen with state-of-the-art weaponry against US-armed Israeli forces turned the