WAC/WI: Effective Assignment Design


Developing effective reading and writing assignments helps students retain and critically think about course content. This workshop will cover a number of assignment design strategies that emphasize active learning through student writing. Faculty are encouraged to bring an assignment prompt they would like to revise.

WAC/WI: Avoiding Plagiarism


As instructors, we often don’t think about plagiarism until after it happens. This workshop will provide tools to help instructors discuss academic integrity in their classes, design plagiarism-resistant assignments, and utilize campus resources to address the roots of plagiarism. RSVP: Faculty Commons (facultycommons@citytech.cuny.edu) Room now changed to Namm 601A

WAC/WI: The Creative Classroom


Looking for innovative ways to increase student participation and improve learning outcomes? In this workshop, we share both high-tech and no-tech strategies you can implement in your classroom to reinforce WAC practices and promote active learning. RSVP: facultycommons@citytech.cuny.edu