Colin Alli

As the Professional and Technical writing intern attached to Faculty Commons, I develop profiles, generate reports, and conduct usability testing for student ready departments pilots. In the future, I plan to use graduate pursuits to work with those suffering from mental health issues. One peculiar facet of my personality is my propensity for visiting cemeteries where famous people are buried.

Lu Xue

Some of the tasks I perform working with Faculty Commons include communicating with clients, making concepts for their ideas, and designing and bringing their ideas to life. This internship is helping me learn the Adobe Suite and necessary skills for the workplace. These experiences have helped me develop my interpersonal skills and has improved my communication in a team friendly setting. My aspirations for the future is to become a professional graphic designer in a professional corporation or as a freelance designer.

Hoa Vu

As a Graphic Designer and Illustrator interning at Faculty Commons, I communicate to audiences with interpretative media. Through my storytelling expertise, I aspire to develop my skills in video production and illustration as a storyteller through proficiency with video and illustration media platforms. Once I have mastered these skills, I can effectively convey stories and ideas to my audience. One peculiar fact about me is my indecisiveness; however, my indecisions have enabled me to make solid, conscious decisions.

Jeremy Renner

Interning at Faculty Commons is my first step towards working in a creative and professional environment. I use my creative lens to capture school events, coordinate the design needs of multiple clients, create web banners, posters and promotional materials, and conceptualize creative solutions for events. Faculty Commons has allowed me to use and develop my skills in photography, as well as design methods for professional and demanding environments. Once I graduate, I plan to use these skills to continue my own creative endeavors and to, one day, create a successful brand of my own.

Cerena Reid

As a Graphic Designer in the Communication Design major, I have learned that to be successful in my field, I must not only just rely upon hard work but I must finesse my skills with tools in visual communication. Empowered with these tools, I have maintained, created, and redesigned various community-based projects in the form of flyers, business cards, banner, and design concepts for Faculty Commons. Because today’s marketplace requires multidisciplinary experience, I will develop projects that aspire to positively influence the lives of culturally diverse people, critique the ethical depth of contemporary culture, and give visual form to complex social issues.

Anmol Kaur

As a Faculty Commons Communication Design student, I create poster, postcards, and brochures. My visual communication design skills will enhance my project management skills and creativity. One of my most fundamental aspiration is to become a graphic designer. Once I have mastered these tools in visual communication, I can impact the world through my creative designs. Also, I love to observe colors around me and I do yoga which makes very energetic early morning.

Julie Bradform

Interning with Faculty Commons, I have several clients I am responsible for and communicate with to help produce deliverables that meet their needs. With the help of the design team and Professor Jordan, my time here has allowed me to improve my design skills and be more confident in my work. Having talented co-workers has helped me to grow. I can’t imagine a future without graphic design. My aspirations are to combine my love for graphic design and illustration and help bring about positive change, whether it be in my community or worldwide.

Philip Zeng

As a designer for Project Wayfinding, I created a unified degree checklist for every department at New York City College of Technology. I worked as a project manager and marketer for Open Educational Resources. Working with Faculty Commons has taught me to manage my time efficiently and to be versatile when communicating with different clients. Fun facts about me are that I am very meticulous about my work and I like plants.

Kevin Rajaram

As a webmaster, I oversee and maintain Faculty Commons website to make sure content is up-to-date and correct. Faculty Commons has allowed me to build great communication and working skills with colleagues and faculty. It has also helped with my time management skills, as several projects are being worked on simultaneously and need to be managed in a timely manner to meet deadlines. My aspirations for the future is to be a better web developer and designer that pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved on the web. One aspect of my character that I would like someone to know is that I like to do urban photography!

William Luperena

As a graphic designer, I work with several clients to create graphics and visuals that bring their ideas to life. As a team leader, I overlook team performances and work closely with everyone to ensure these events offer and create an experience for them to grow as designers. Being part of the team both as a graphic designer and team leader has allowed me to grow in my professional etiquette and as a collaborator. As for future aspirations, I want to continuously implement my ideas and influence the communities I am affiliated with.