Ashley Valera

I provide my clients with different design formats such as posters, postcards, branding, to help promote events and activities to students and faculty at City Tech. Faculty Commons has allowed me to experience working one on one with clients, in project management, and explore my work in illustration and graphic design. Working here has allowed me to find a community of other City Tech students in my department and foster great friendships. While being in Communication Design, I specialize in illustration and try to bring that into my work as much as possible. I wish to find a role that will help encourage other young women to strive for their goals.

Marlon Palmer

I was the lead designer for the Scholars Exchange series and Nucleus, the Faculty Commons quarterly academic magazine. Interning at Faculty Commons was a tremendous help to my professional development. It taught me a lot about how to carry myself in a professional work environment, while simultaneously helping me to become a better designer. My aspirations for the future is to graduate college and then take all the lessons I have learned during my time at Faculty Commons and apply it to my work and art.

Alexander Thompson-Burton

Currently, I am a student ambassador and representative for Project Wayfinding. Project Wayfinding provides students with personnel roadmaps to graduation by creating accessible web-based tools and resources for all. Tasks that I performed while working with the design team included content writing, usability testing, and website analysis. Faculty Commons has allowed me to learn the necessary skills in the workplace that implements usability design, content writing, and Adobe Suite. Aspirations I withhold in my ethics is to expand my skills within the design and communication realm, such as usability consulting and documentation writing.

Arianna Bollers

Working with Faculty Commons has allowed me to develop my communication and interpersonal skills while working with others such as designers, creative students, and faculty. I aspire to use my creative thinking and design skills to help others through volunteer work in my community. This will allow me to achieve and become the designer I always dreamed of.