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Douglas Davis to host new Creative Cloud for Teams 5 Minute Creative Mentor series

There are some things they just don’t teach you in design school. Creative leadership, decision-making, and the new systems design needed to navigate a global pandemic are just a few things. Enter Douglas Davis, strategist, author, professor, and now the host of the 5-minute Creative Mentor Series. Douglas will host the first three videos in this personality-driven series aimed at offering focused, bites of thought leadership on specific creative issues important in 2021. Each short video offers a new insight for navigating work as a creative leader and Davis gives an example of what the series seeks to address, “oftentimes, creatives get promoted for doing their job well. What isn’t obvious is that transitioning from creative to leader requires a different skill set.” Developed for creatives who are short on time, the series will be interview style with B-roll and graphics, the series is a creative advice column for the digital age.

Episode 1 focuses on The Creative Strategy Framework, Douglas’ methodology for organizing the chaos in the creative process.

Episode 2 is centered around questioning the answers that may have worked in the past and writing — or rewriting — the creative brief.

Episode 3 is aimed at pitching to decision-makers when they don’t want what they need. The series will include a standalone article, Business skills for creative leaders, that will explore ways to apply the creative strategy framework mentioned in the first video, by going deeper into several scenarios.