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PSC-CUNY 55 Awardees 2024-2025

Enhanced Awards will be announced mid-May. Traditional A and B Awards follow:

Viviana Acquaviva (Physics) $5,992, Improved evaluation methods for global climate models

Alyssa Adomaitis (Business) $6,000, Dress and Identity: A Further Understanding of Intersectionality Theory

Marzieh Azarderakhsh (CMCE) $3,499, Investigating the Impact of Climate Change on Water Quality through the Lens of Landsat Historical Satellite Data

Nina Bannett (English) $4,512, Following Her Footsteps: U.S. Women Writers, Walking, and Feminism

Allison Berkoy (Entertainment Tech) $3,500, Human-machine Performances: the boundaries and etiquette of human computer interaction within physical-digital environments

Oleg Berman (Physics) $6,000, Plasmons in the gauge fields in two-dimensional materials

Candido Cabo (Computer Systems Technology) $3,500, Multichannel modulation of ion channels to decrease action potential heterogeneity in the heart: A computational study

Sandra Cheng (Humanities) $3,500, Publication Subvention for Ugly Lines:  The Visual Culture of Caricature in Early Modern Italy

Soyeon Cho (Human Services) $5,750, Culturally Sensitive Approach to Family Caregivers of Dementia Patients: Qualitative Study

Ines Corujo Martin (Humanities) $3,500, The Embroidered Chinese Shawl: Global Connections, Identity, and Material Culture in the Hispanic World

Todd Craig (African American Studies) $6,000, Hey, What’s That Sound…?’: Sonic Scholarship and Multimodal Publication Praxis”

Mery Diaz (Human Services) $6,000, “Tracing the Future Thinking of Ecuadorian Youths in Times of Polycrisis”

Ruth Garcia (English) $3,499, Finding an Immigrant Family’s Past: A Memoir Inspired by My Chinese-Cuban Grandfather’s

Samaneh Gholitabar (CMCE) $2,998, Climate Change Impact on Bridge Scour Risk in NY State: A GIS-Based Risk Analysis Model

Carrie Hall (English) $3,500, The Boredoms: The Politics of (not) Paying Attention

Carole Harris (English) $6,000, Talking Back:  Maryat Lee and Flannery O’Connor on the Southern Code of Manners

Kevin Hom (Architectural Technology) $5,939, How Cities Can Address Climate Change in a Post Pandemic World

Tina Kao (Social Sciences) $3,500, Behavioral and Neural Effects of Varying Visual Feedback during Transitive Inference (Tl)

Nadia Kennedy (Mathematics) $3,500, Mathematics Teacher Identity: The Use of Videos in Preservice Teachers’ Reflections and Professional Identity Development

Jinwon Kim (Social Sciences) $3,500, Conflicts Between Korean immigrants and Joseonjok (Korean Chinese) in Flushing

Paul King (Architectural Technology) $5,979, Roebling before the Brooklyn Bridge, 3d Printed Engineering Studies

Nan Li (Mathematics) $5,761, Curvature and Singular Spaces

Xiangdong Li (Computer Systems Technology) $5,992, Analyze quantum compilation of a small-scaled universal quantum computational device with hybrid architecture

Kim Mahase (Electrical Engineering) $3,500, Interdisciplinary Approaches in Engineering Education: Assessing the Long-term Impact of Integrated STEM Programs on Workforce Readiness

Alberto Martinez (Chemistry) $3,500, In vitro evaluation of multi-target caffeic acid and resveratrol derivatives as potential chemotherapeutic agents for Alzheimer’s disease

Ariane Masuda (Mathematics) $3,500, The cycle structure of permutation polynomials over finite fields

Mark Noonan (English) $4,512, Revolutionary Ink: New York Colonial Printers and the Promise of Democracy

Noemi Rodriguez (Health Sciences) $5,847, Family Meals and Childhood Obesity Prevention: A Meta-analysis

Jennifer Sears-Pigliucci (English) $4,512, The Last Third of the Night (A novel)

Benjamin Shephard (Social Sciences) $3,500, The Clash Soundscape

Sarah Standing (Humanities) $3,500, Eco Activism in the Global South

Thomas Tradler (Mathematics) $4,512, Computing local Poincare Duality for Lens Spaces

Laura Westengard (English) $5,999, Unbearable Being(s)

Sara Wooley (Communications Design) $3,500, Los Pirineos the Mostly True Memoirs of Esperancita Gómez, Final Art