WAC WI Syllabus Basics Workshop

WAC WI Syllabus Basics Workshop 1

What is writing-intensive instruction and how does it work across the disciplines? One of the challenges in approaching this question is developing a syllabus that weaves together course content with WAC principles that improve students’ writing and facilitates their writing process. In this workshop, we will suggest critical elements for crafting syllabi for writing-intensive courses and consider ways to adapt assignments and course practices that help students learn to become better writers.

OpenLab: Using Your Site as a Dynamic Syllabus

Ready to learn more about setting up your course on the OpenLab? This workshop helps you create your course profile and course site with an emphasis on using OpenLab features to enhance your course syllabus. Please bring your syllabus and other course materials to this mixed-level session. You will need an account on the OpenLab – or to attend a Getting Started session first.

Please RSVP here https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/openroad/workshop-signup/ or email us at OpenLab@citytech.cuny.edu. Please include workshop date(s) and time(s).