WAC Writing Intensive Certification Colloquium

WAC Writing Intensive Certification Colloquium


Join us as this year’s Writing Intensive Certification. Program participants share reworked syllabi and assignments and speak about how Writing Across the Curriculum philosophy influenced their approach to teaching. Come be inspired by your fellow faculty, and learn about how you can participate in next year’s program.

WAC: Reading Strategies in the Classroom

WAC: Reading Strategies in the Classroom

Strong reading skills are foundational to success in any course, and equipping students with these skills can help them engage more fully with course material, work through difficult concepts and ideas, and sharpen their writing. This workshop explores a number of tactics that faculty can use to support their students in becoming better readers.

WAC WI Syllabus Basics Workshop

WAC WI Syllabus Basics Workshop 2

What is writing-intensive instruction and how does it work across the disciplines? One of the challenges in approaching this question is developing a syllabus that weaves together course content with WAC principles that improve students’ writing and facilitates their writing process. In this workshop, we will suggest critical elements for crafting syllabi for writing-intensive courses and consider ways to adapt assignments and course practices that help students learn to become better writers.

WAC/WI: The Creative Classroom


Looking for innovative ways to increase student participation and improve learning outcomes? In this workshop, we share both high-tech and no-tech strategies you can implement in your classroom to reinforce WAC practices and promote active learning.

RSVP: facultycommons@citytech.cuny.edu

WAC/WI: Avoiding Plagiarism

As instructors, we often don’t think about plagiarism until after it happens. This workshop will provide tools to help instructors discuss academic integrity in their classes, design plagiarism-resistant assignments, and utilize campus resources to address the roots of plagiarism.

RSVP: Faculty Commons (facultycommons@citytech.cuny.edu)

Room now changed to Namm 601A


WAC/WI: Effective Assignment Design

Developing effective reading and writing assignments helps students retain and critically think about course content. This workshop will cover a number of assignment design strategies that emphasize active learning through student writing. Faculty are encouraged to bring an assignment prompt they would like to revise.