Teaching Recognition Awards

Teaching Recognition Awards 1

Rebecca Devers Mazumdar

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2022 – 2023 PDAC Teaching Recognition Award

Teaching Recognition Awards 2

Melanie Villatoro

2018-2019 PDAC Teaching Recognition Award

Teaching Recognition Awards 3

Ashwin Satyanarayana

2018-2019 PDAC Teaching Recognition Award

Teaching Recognition Awards 4

Janet Liou-Mark

2018-2019 PDAC Teaching Recognition Award

City Tech’s Teaching Recognition Award honors a faculty member with long-term dedication to actualizing City Tech’s mission as an institution “committed to high quality technological and professional education.” The Teaching Recognition Award is a year-long honor administered through the Professional Development Advisory Council (PDAC), which has recognized and supported faculty development for four decades. The recipient receives a stipend for professional development, and the awardee will plan and offer faculty development activities in consultation with the Faculty Commons a during the award year. These activities may include, but are not limited to, offering seminars or workshops on topics such as innovative teaching practices across the disciplines, exemplary online/partially online or laboratory teaching and pedagogy, development and implementation of open educational resources, use of evidence based pedagogical initiatives, high impact educational practices (Kuh, 2008), and teaching/learning assessment. Tenured faculty at all ranks (Full-Timers and Adjuncts) and lecturers with a Certificate of Continuous Employment (CCE) are eligible to be nominated for the award. Nominations are welcomed from faculty, from administrators, and from the candidates themselves.

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