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College-sponsored student travel can be a memorable or even life-changing experience. Expanding learning beyond the classroom, whether through a class walking trip, a visit to one of New York’s great museums or historical sites, or international travel can make facts, skills, and concepts vivid and real.

For inspiration on some of the placed-based learning experiences your colleagues have provided to their students see:
Nucleus, Summer 2018, Volume 9 – Why This Place? Experience, Reflect, Think, Act.

For more information on how to effectively use site visits to promote learning see:
How to Effectively use site visits as part of teaching your course.
Samples of successful Place-based Learning activities.

Documentation, deadlines and procedures required to obtain authorization for the various types of college-sponsored student travel.

All trips, however brief, local, or informal, must be authorized to protect both students and the college. Classroom based trips must be approved by the Provost or her designee. All other trips are approved by the VP of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs or his designee.

All travel must comply with CUNY Guidelines:

Additional Information and Needed Forms for Student Travel

Title IX and Travel – for Faculty/Chaperones:

All faculty/chaperones are required to complete Title IX training within 12 months of embarking on a trip, and prior to requesting authorization for any travel with students. Your students embarking on domestic travel (outside the five borough or with arranged transportation within the five boroughs) or international travel must also complete Title IX training prior to the trip. Details follow.

For Faculty/Chaperones on any student domestic or international trip, regardless of the type of trip, the mandatory, Title IX Employee training can be accessed at www.citytech.cuny.edu/etitle9/.

Title IX and Travel – Students – Domestic and International Travel

All students on college-sponsored trips outside the five-boroughs or with arranged transportation within the five-boroughs must also complete Title IX training. Their Certificates of Completion must be submitted with travel request documentation. Student Title IX training is found at:  www.citytech.cuny.edu/title-ix

Funds for Student Travel

Any college funding for student travel outside the five-boroughs or with arranged transportation within the five-boroughs. makes it a college-sponsored trip.

Limited funding for student travel is available. For addition information faculty mentors should contact: Prof. Hamid Norouzi, Director of Undergraduate Research; their Dean’s Office, or Stephen Soiffer in the President’s Office, for possible funding through the City Tech Foundation.