College-sponsored student travel can be a memorable or even life-changing experience. Expanding learning beyond the classroom, whether through a class walking trip, a visit to one of New York’s great museums or historical sites, or international travel can make facts, skills, and concepts vivid and real.

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Documentation, deadlines and procedures required to obtain authorization for the various types of college-sponsored student travel.

All trips, however brief, local, or informal, must be authorized to protect both students and the college. Classroom based trips must be approved by the Provost or their designee and all other trips are approved by the VP of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs or their designee, utilizing the required forms below.

All travel must comply with CUNY Guidelines:

Class and Club Field Trips within the 5 boroughs using public transportation or walking trips

At least a week before the scheduled class or club field trip complete the appropriate Class or Club Trip form, obtain the chair or program director’s signature and submit as follows:

You should hear about approval within a couple of days. Please do not take students on trips without permission. Kindly post where the class is on the door, along with the date and time of the trip.

  • Faculty and Chaperones are required to complete the Title IX training and submit their training certification as part of the application submission. Only students under 18 are required to complete the attached Field Trip and Waiver Release Form and have it signed by a parent or guardian. This too should be included in the application submission. Faculty and Chaperones should, however, encourage all students to complete the Title IX training prior to the trip: Sexual Harassment, Gender-Based Harassment and Sexual Violence Curriculum for Students
  • Students under 18 without parental/guardian approval cannot attend the class trip and should be given an appropriate learning experience/assignment instead.

Additional Information and Needed Forms for Student Travel

Required Training – Faculty/Chaperones:

All student domestic and international travel:  Regardless of the type of trip, all faculty/chaperones are required to complete Sexual Misconduct/ESPARC training in the same academic year they intend to serve in this trip capacity, prior to requesting authorization for any such travel with students. The proof of completing this training, as set out below, must be timely summited in advance of the travel in the time frame as established/required by the trip approval administrator. To access ESPARC, you will need to log into your Blackboard account and select City Tech’s ESPARC Training under My Organizations. When completed, an Earned Achievement Notice will appear under your achievements on Blackboard. This is the proof of completing this training, a copy of which you will need to timely submit to your designated trip administrator in advance of any travel. For any additional questions regarding the ESPARC training, please reach out to City Tech’s Compliance Training Administrator

Supplemental training for overnight travel:  All employee chaperones and escorts on off-campusovernight student trips are required to complete supplemental training in addition to the annual required ESPARC training. Trip leaders are encouraged to contact the Title IX Office to provide this supplemental training as a pre-departure orientation session for faculty/chaperones and students. If time does not allow for a live training session, a PowerPoint option is available on the Title IX webpages: CUNY/City Tech Supplemental Training for Chaperones and Escorts. Sign and date the Supplemental Training Acknowledgment Memo and Form, which are the last 2 slides in the PowerPoint and submit along ESPARC training documentation as outlined above. The supplemental training is required each academic year (for repeat chaperones/escorts).

Required Training – Students

All students on any college-sponsored trip must also complete City Tech’s Sexual Misconduct on-line training. Copies of their Certificates of Completion, which are emailed to the students upon completion, must be submitted with travel request documentation. The student Sexual Misconduct training is found at:

Domestic Student Travel outside the 5 boroughs: The travel application should include: (1) signed Waiver Release Form, (2) Title IX training certificate (, (3) SPARC certificate (available in Blackboard).