Bringing Passion To Introductory Statistics & Research Methods In Your Course


You are cordially invited to a curricular innovation workshop. The curriculum provides training in the flexible application of knowledge, opportunities to analyze data in real-world contexts, and a design that promotes fluency with statistical software. RSVP: FACULTYCOMMONS@CITYTECH.CUNY.EDU

Overcoming Apathy In The Classroom


Facilitate Learning By Getting Students To Think And Talk The goal of this workshop will be to demonstrate and explain how instructors can make classroom learning a more meaningful experience for students. RSVP: FACULTYCOMMONS@CITYTECH.CUNY.EDU MARCH 21ST                  Or                              APRIL 2ND  2:30PM-3:30PM                                               4:30-5:30PM

PDAC Fall 2019 Teaching Recognition Award

PDAC Fall 2019 Teaching Recognition Award The 2019-2020 Teaching Recognition Award honors a faculty member with long-term dedication to actualizing City Tech’s mission as an institution “committed to high quality technological and professional education.” The Teaching Recognition Award is a year-long honor administered through the Professional Development Advisory Council (PDAC), which has recognized and supported