Works in the Works:Internet Metaphors and Arabic Translation by Khalid Lachheb


In this talk Khalid Lachheb draws on cognitive semantic studies to explore the cognitive dimension of metaphor and the metaphoric structure of internet terminology. This presentation also sketches recent terminological studies that analyze the role of metaphor in scientific communication. Dr. Lachheb will suggest strategies and guidelines to translate metaphorical internet terms from English to

Weaving Fragments: On The Connoisseurship of Italian Renaissance Tapestry Cartoons


The Humanities Department cordially invites you to October's Works-in-the-Works event   In this talk Prof. McAuliffe will examine the design of sixteenth-century European tapestries and the cartoons, or full-size colored drawings, that were used as models in the workshops of Flemish weavers. The artists Raphael (1483–1520) and Giulio Romano (1499–1546) were the most influential Italian

The City Performs: An Architectural History of NYC Theatre


The Humanities Department cordially invites you to February's Works-in-the-Works event A talk by Profs. Ting Chin and Christopher S. The City Performs: An Architectural History of NYC Theatre. In this presentation, we will discuss our teaching collaboration in the interdisciplinary course History of the Theatre: Stages and Technology. Faculty, staff, and students are invited. Refreshments served, no

Love in the Poetry of St. John of the Cross and Antonio Machado

The Humanities Department cordially invites you to March's Works-in-the-Works event Two Spanish authors propose different ideas of love. St. John of the Cross, a 16th-century mystic, is devoted to spiritual, divine love. Antonio Machado, a 20th-century secular writer, focuses instead on the experience of physical, human love. Examined together, their poems dramatize the eternal conflict

Una cita con la cita. The Cross-cultural Values of Citations in Postgraduate Research Works


Citation processes are shaped in a textual context that characterizes the academic discourse within each genre, such as disciplinary community or cultural framework The interplay between the citation processes and context in turn generates new knowledge between the writer and reader. In this presentation, I discuss the cross-cultural differences in citations used in their research

Performance and Protest in Saving the Whales: A Talk by Sarah Standing


The Humanities Department presents…………… A Talk by Sarah Standing Beginning in the mid-1970s, Greenpeace’s “Save the Whales” Campaign became a successful weapon against international whaling. Today, oceanic warming causes shifts in whale migration, uncertain feeding patterns, and the consequent loss of vitality. In this presentation, I investigate the efficacy of the “Save the Whales” campaign

Ending Stereotypes on The College Campus – An Unending Journey


The Humanities Department cordially invites you to September's Works-in-the-Works event   A talk by Prof. Zheng Zhu   Ending Stereotypes on The College Campus – An Unending Journey This talk will examine negative perceptions of Latinx people and cultures in U.S. academic institutions and the response to these harmful biases in the play Las Memorias,

Works in the Works: Resisting State Domination: Exploring Hong Kong’s Press Coverage of the Sino-Africa Trade

Speaker: Zheng Zhu, Humanities Department This talk analyzes a Hong Kong-based newspaper's representation of African countries and how it constructs the mainland government's neo-imperialistic domination of Sino-Africa trade relations. The findings reveal that The South China Morning Post, a privately-owned Hong Kong newspaper, criticizes the Chinese government's exploitation of the African continent by adopting the