ID Special Topics Workshop


Date: Wednesday, April 20, 2016 Time: 10 - 11:30AM Location: Namm 227 ALL FACULTY WELCOME. An interdisciplinary special topics course allows faculty from different disciplines (not only from the disciplines that originally proposed the course) to bring their disciplinary perspectives to the topic, problem or complex question. Attend this workshop and see how you can make one

CUNY Office of Research sponsors University-wide Interdisciplinary Research Grant competition

CUNY Office of Research

All tenure-track faculty are invited to apply to this collaborative grant program.  For this year, the program focuses on questions/problems related to urban populations and the urban environment.  We are very interested in proposals that cross disciplines in a very broad sense, from the natural sciences, data sciences, social sciences and the humanities. For more

Cross-Pollinating Ideas: Figuring Out Your ID Course


YOU ARE INVITED As part of the college’s commitment to multidisciplinary and because Interdisciplinary courses are required for students enrolled in B.A/S programs—the Interdisciplinary Committee is hosting a Spring workshop: “Cross-Pollinating Ideas: Figuring Out Your ID Course.” Join Us! Monday, April 24th, 10am-12pm in Faculty Commons, N227 Benefits to teaching an interdisciplinary course include collaboration,