City Tech Online Seminar

Meeting in G-604 only for September 11th To register or for more information: contact Dr. Karen Lundstrem at

Humanities Seminar: Works in the Works – Pinkie and The Blue Boy: Material Culture and Immigrant Identity


In June Cleaver’s home, reproductions of Thomas Gainsborough’s The Blue Boy (1770) and Sir Thomas Lawrence’s Pinkie (1794) hang in the foyer. For television viewers who tuned in to watch their favorite postwar family sitcom, “Leave it to Beaver,” the paintings represented traditional gender roles and a new type of domestic affluence and consumerism for

Spring 2020 Gen Ed Seminar on Intercultural knowledge and Competence

Dear colleagues- On behalf of the Living Lab General Education Seminar and co-leaders Profs. Anna Matthews (Dental Hygiene) and Jason Montgomery (Architectural Technology), I am delighted to invite you to participate in the Spring 2020 seminar, which will focus on Intercultural Knowledge and Competence. This Gen Ed outcome, important to all, has immediate and particular