Works in the Works:
Internet Metaphors and Arabic Translation by Khalid Lachheb

Works in the Works - Internet Metaphors and Arabic Translation

In this talk Khalid Lachheb draws on cognitive semantic studies to explore the cognitive dimension of metaphor and the metaphoric structure of internet terminology. This presentation also sketches recent terminological studies that analyze the role of metaphor in scientific communication. Dr. Lachheb will suggest strategies and guidelines to translate metaphorical internet terms from English to Arabic, taking into consideration pioneering work on metaphor in general language.

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Humanities Department presents
Works in the Works: Truth in Health and Safety Messages

Truth in Health and Safety Messages

Communication campaigns are important parts of public health interventions, raising awareness about health and safety. More than just transmitting facts, health and safety campaigns usually ask audiences to do things: See a doctor, quit smoking, wear safety gear, etc. Using examples from posters and science museum exhibits, I show how facts warrant behavior change recommendations. Since truth-claims often appear within this prescriptive sequence, what are the implications for our so-called “post-truth” era?

Everyone is invited to attend. Refreshments served.

Works in the Works David Lee

Humanities Department presents Works in the Works:
A Talk by Sarah Standing as Localized Trans-Global Performance

On a single “Day of Climate Action” in 2009, created over 5,000 eco-actions in 180 countries around the world. The next year, they initiated the “Planet-Scale Art Project.” In this talk, Professor Standing investigates the implications of 350’s trans-global activism as art and performance.

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