The Ties That Bind: An African American National Read-In Celebrates Baldwin, Hansberry And The Obamas


The African American National Read-In, which celebrates literacy and African American culture, is held each year around the United States. As part of its participation in this national event, African American Studies showcases the writings and bonds between activists James Baldwin and Lorraine Hansberry as well as President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Follow The Drinking Gourd: Healing In Africana Communities


This keynote event provides a space for dialogue about healing in Africana communities. Rashida Bumbray, a Brooklyn-based curator and choreographer, and Senior Program Manager of the Arts Exchange at Open Society Foundations is the featured keynote guest. Ms. Bumbray's talk titled “The Value of Black Spaces” includes an abbreviated screening of Black America Again (with Common, Stevie

African American Studies Department presents Black Solidarity Day:Our Democracy: The Black Immigrant Experience

Atrium Amphitheater

Keynote Speaker: Benjamin Ndugga-Kabuye Benjamin Ndugga-Kabuye is a local organizer and Advocacy and Research Manager with the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI). Mr. Ndugga-Kabuye’s commitment to building infrastructure for social movement stems from seeing how policies from past social movements aided his immigration journey from Uganda. This journey has included advocating for a range of