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The Faculty Commons website is an important component that supports our role to harness the synergy of the City Tech faculty’s scholarship and pedagogy. Visit our e-Calendar of workshops and read creative and scholarly faculty initiatives at City Tech in Nucleus. We are at your service.

Visit us in Namm 227 when you are on campus.

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Feb. 15, 2019


Feb. 19 - Mar. 29

City Tech Celebrates Black History Month

As, Not For, At The Grace Gallery


Feb. 28 - Apr. 10

Register Today! Space is limited

City Tech Online Seminar with OER Module


Feb. 22, 2019

Call for Applications!

Emerging Scholars Program Part II


Mar. 15, 2019


Apr. 15, 2019

Faculty Focus

The Work Matters

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    Explain Goals for Performance* Strategy: Providing explicit goals and criteria for performance Objective: Prevent students from misinterpreting criteria or […]

  • Teaching Strategy Tip #31

    Fostering Learning Through Interaction Adsit (2011) provides tips for lectures that are engaging, informative and participatory. Audience Engagement and […]