RF CUNY Brown Bag Research Webinars: GrantForward Refresher for CUNY Faculty

GrantForward is a service that is available to all CUNY faculty and students, and it provides users with access to a rich collection of funding information, including but not limited to aggregation of opportunities like research grants, fellowships, awards, internships etc., from multiple types of sponsors such as Federal, State, Foundation, University, Private Firms, International

NYC From the Inside: NYC Through the Eyes of Poets Who Live Here

Academic Complex, Room A-105 285 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Please join us for a special poetry and music event celebrating New York City. On Thursday, Sept. 22nd, from 4-6 p.m., in Room A-105 of the New Academic Complex, contributors to the new anthology of poems NYC From the Inside: NYC Through the Eyes of Poets Who Live Here will team up with musicians from our

Faculty Fridays: Leveraging the Literature Review

Learn how to find target journals for publishing your work; get a quick bird’s eye view of your topic; review basics of using the library for the literature review; effectively use Google Scholar, citation managers, and link resolvers; quickly assess a journal and avoid predatory journals.

Racial Health Inequity and Health Outcomes. Advance registration is required

It will be an introduction to key concepts in community and public health, and add more context to the health inequities the Black community faces. This seminar series aims to bring more visibility to racial health inequity through a project funded by CUNY’s BRESI Council Presented by Julian L. Watkins, MD (pronouns: he/ him), Health

Transformative Learning in the Humanities: Respect the Process with Dr. Bettina Love

Join us for the first event of the year in our Transformative Speaker Series with Dr. Bettina Love, author of We Want to Do More Than Survive: Abolitionist Teaching and the Pursuit of Educational Freedom, who will engage us in a pedagogy workshop to transform our classrooms. Through interactive activities, this workshop will help participants examine

CUNY-wide conference on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Please share widely in your networks so we can support and learn from our CUNY colleagues! We warmly invite you to join us for the first CUNY-wide conference on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), where faculty across disciplines will be sharing their studies and investigations-in-progress focused on student learning and innovative teaching approaches.

Call for Submissions: 2022 Rigofredo Granados Literary Award

We are welcoming submissions from City Tech students by October 18th in both English and Spanish. Two prizes of $150 will be awarded to the winners in each category. Fictional and biographical short stories, or essays on themes about freedom and human rights will be accepted. The 2022 Rigofredo Granados Literary Awards Ceremony will take place

RF CUNY Brown Bag Research Webinars: Pivot-RP Training for CUNY Grants Officers and Other Designated Administrators

Overview of Session: Pivot-RP is an online tool that helps users connect with global and local research opportunities. As Administrators on your campus, not only do you have access to basic features, but also to specific administrative functions and privileges as well. Learn how to utilize these additional features to leverage the funding opportunities on

Physics Department presents Resonant time-symmetry breaking in classical and quantum oscillators

Presented by: Professor Mark Dykman, Michigan State University A periodically driven system has discrete time-translation symmetry with the period of the driving. A nonlinear oscillator allows one to see peculiar features of quantum and classical fluctuations as well as tunneling and dissipation in resonantly driven systems. Generally, if a quantum system is in a Floquet