Scholars Exchange: Johannah Rodgers presents In Writing: An Exploration of the Affordances, Properties, and Functions of Verbal Language in Handwriting, Typewriting, Word Processing, and JavaScript

Scholars Exchange features Johanna Rodgers

Since the widespread adoption of the printing press, we have been writing with and for machines. However, the ways and the extent to which machines could participate in acts of writing have changed over time. “In Writing” is a project dedicated to defining and investigating writing and to thinking about how the machines we use in the creation, production, and distribution of writing relate to how writing happens and what writing may mean. Functioning at once as a graphical, logical, and poetic sign system, verbal language, which is the medium of representation we most often associate with acts of writing, has unique properties depending on the tools employed for its production and dissemination. In this project, I graphically and discursively investigate the specific functions and affordances of verbal language across four distinct medial environments– handwriting, typewriting, word processing, and JavaScript—in order to explore the shared and divergent processes, products, and rhetorical implications of writing in each.

Scholars Exchange Spring 2017Creative Arts Showcase

Scholars Exchange Spring 2017Creative Arts Showcase 2

Time Presenter Topic
11 a.m. Robin Michals Washing Away: Florida and Louisiana
12 p.m. Jenna Spevack Treetones Tour: Governors Island
2 p.m. Shauna Vey The Last Vaudevillian: Recovering Baby Peggy’s Stage Years
3 p.m. Adam Wilson factorOracle: an Extensible Max External for Investigating Applications of the Factor Oracle Automaton in Real-Time Music Improvisation

Scholars ExchangeThe Parallel Process of Giving and Receiving Service

Scholars ExchangeThe Parallel Process of Giving and Receiving Service 4

The Parallel Process of Giving and Receiving Service

This study is a phenomenological exploration of the lived experiences of both those providing global service and those receiving the service. Focusing on a service project conducted by Journey/ChangeHeroes, in which homes were built for homeless families living in the slums, the parallel process of providing and receiving service was explored. Through participant observation extensive field notes were gathered based on appearance, facial expressions, body language, expression of emotion, verbal and physical interactions. Significant themes are emerging, which will be further explored in six-month follow-up interviews at the end of March 2017.

Presented by Deborah Courtney.